Arnaud Vallat

Father of two, entrepreneur, ping pong lover, Android developer

I currently work for Sunrise, a New York based startup, founded by Pierre Valade and Jeremy Le Van. That's where I'm building your next calendar for Android.

Previously, I was part of Jolicloud, a Paris based cloud startup, founded by Tariq Krim and Romain Huet. I started by working on JoliOS, an open-source Cloud OS based on Linux & Chromium, I developed a Display Manager allowing a full HTML5 experience right from the start of the OS, and the Guest mode. I was also the maintainer of the JoliOS' Chromium based browser: Nickel.

Then, I have been in charge of the Jolicloud Me Android app, which ended up being nominated as one of the best Android apps of 2012

My last project at Jolicloud, was to develop the Jolidrive Android app, which allows for music to be played from any cloud services connected to Jolidrive (Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Soundcloud, exFm, and so on).

In another life, I was employed as a Windows Kernel Developer for SkyRecon Systems. There, I developed a Windows Filesystem Encryption driver, allowing encryption of files. and a Windows Disk Encryption driver, allowing encryption of disks. I also took part in the development of a bootloader in charge of starting up a Microsoft Windows OS from an encrypted disk.